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Marketplace Partners

Get to know our partners and their solutions. How can they help optimise your firm? What is the power of their tool in cooperation with Silverfin?


Marketplace Partners

Get to know our partners and their solutions. How can they help optimise your firm. See the power of their tools when combined with Silverfin.

Featured Partner: Gnomit (NL)

We speak with innovative software vendors in the accounting world about how the industry is evolving and what their role is in it.

With Jeffrey Baeke, CEO Gnomit

Featured Partner: Boltzmann (NL)

Ludwig is the new AI assistant for accountants. It quickly maps client files to your standard chart of accounts and creates an optimised and standard workflow in Silverfin. Then Ludwig Review runs quality checks and finds opportunities for advice.

Featured Partner: Bothive (NL)

Bothive is a platform for accountants to help them communicate more efficiently with customers. It bundles all communication channels into one clear inbox. It then automates as much as possible across all these channels with an intelligent AI chatbot and dynamic flows.

Featured Partner: Bright Analytics (NL)

Intuitive, reliable and fast. Make good decisions with up-to-date financial and operational data. 100+ data connectors, customisable dashboards and reports, and a 360 ° platform for your financial, operational and cash data.

Featured Partner: Comax (NL)

Comax's goal is to save audit firms time and increase efficiency in their administration. It does this by developing customised and quick to implement software applications that automate manual processes and build digital bridges between you and your client.

Featured Partner: Cumul.io (NL)

Cumul.io is an intuitive platform for data analysis with seamless integration into other SaaS and accounting platforms to lower the time-to-market and the development and maintenance cost of new analytics solutions.

Featured Partner: Finify (NL)

Finify was founded just as Silverfin developed the Marketplace. Building specific workflows, and simplifying them is its ambition.

Featured Partner: Fintrax (NL)

Through the combination of financial expertise and software, Fintrax provides financial insight to its users so that they can work more efficiently and there is more room for advice.

Benchmarking with Fintrax (NL)

Learn more about this benchmarking tool from our partner Fintrax and how it can help you and your clients.

Valuation workflows with Fintrax (NL)

Using valuation workflows for Silverfin from Fintrax.

Business plan workflows with Fintrax (NL)

Using the business plan workflow for Silverfin from Fintrax.

Featured Partner: Furoo (NL)

FUROO is the ideal platform for accountants and entrepreneurs to work together. It ensures that your customers can organise themselves efficiently and that you, as an accountant, also save a lot of time and money.

Featured Partner: Vectera (NL)

Vectera is the easy way to meet clients, schedule appointments and conduct secure video meetings for small groups. Create communication hubs for all your clients. Get creative with whiteboards and document annotation. 1-click start, no downloads, no frustrations.

Featured Partner: Yuki (NL)

Get more time to fully focus on providing advice and guidance to your entrepreneurs thanks to its high-tech software. Now you can offer real-time insight into your entrepreneurs' up-to-date figures. Make smarter decisions faster, thanks to Yuki.

Featured Partner - Intellifin (NL)

Choose a connected financial plan, and with hypotheses and templates you can save time and get a thorough overview that's useful for all reporting and follow-up. Co-founder of Intellifin Kristel Hermans tells their story.

Featured Partner: Unit 4 Venice (NL)

We build bridges between entrepreneurs and accountants so that they keep everything under control. We do this with reliable, complete and efficient software that strengthens collaboration. Unit4 Venice helps accountants keep focus on their advisory role and the entrepreneur on their company.

Featured Partner: Accounton.io (NL)

The Accounton virtual assistant automates repetitive tasks for accountants so they spend more time with customers. It ensures your office is open 24/7 and can answer tax, legal and accounting questions, among other things. It can automatically book appointments too.

Featured Partner: Exact (NL)

Exact is the market leader in business software in the Benelux. Automation of accounting, financial, ERP, HRM and CRM processes. With Exact you have control over all your business processes. It continues to innovate and grow with products like 'No Hands accounting' and the 'My [Office] app' for better online collaboration with clients.

Featured Partner: OkiOki (NL)

OkiOki automates financial paperwork and relieves entrepreneurs and accountants from their quarterly hassle.

Featured Partner: Syneton (NL)

Syneton supports accountants and auditors with AdminPulse, Admin-IS and Admin-Consult - the most complete and flexible office management software. They think along with customers, unburden them, help them, train employees and strengthen small and big accountancy firms, so they can support their clients.

Featured Partner: Betrust (NL)

Betrust N.V. is the parent company behind OKSign! It specialises in digital signing, certification, archiving and sending documents and more. These services are offered in the cloud, and let companies extend business applications and reduce administrative costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Featured Partner: Connective (NL)

Connective helps organisations no matter their size or industry, to do business any place, anywhere and anytime. Its Identity Hub, eSignatures and Smart Documents solutions, streamline digital transactions across borders and transform paper-based customer journeys into an unparalleled digital user experience.

Featured Partner: Codabox (NL)

Speed up and simplify your financial processes. With CodaBox you connect information flows from different sources together. All your invoices, bank accounts and salary documents are converted into usable data, delivered in the software of your choice.

Featured Partner: Octopus (NL)

Octopus Accountancy Software is an established name in online accounting software with 18 years of experience. It's extremely user-friendly and inexpensive accounting package carefully considers the specific needs that each company has.

Featured Partner: RS Finance (NL)

Meet RS Finance. A NL team of more than sixty professionals, specialised in developing and optimising a rock-solid financial administrative organisation. Thanks to its experience, it sees in no time where opportunities and possibilities lie within your company.

Featured Partner: Billit (NL)

Billit is an online invoicing platform that allows you to digitise your entire invoicing process as a company. You create, manage and send quotations, order forms, delivery notes, invoices and credit notes in a few clicks.

Featured Partner: Toco (NL)

TOCO is the financial compass for entrepreneurs. Bank, receive invoices and receipts, make invoices and pay directly in one app. View bank accounts as well underlying documents. Receipts and invoices are recognised in real-time and go directly to accounting and can be paid immediately.