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Become a connected accountant.

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Become a connected accountant

Silverfin helps leading firms globally with their successful business and technology transformation. We’ve learnt that success comes to those firms that have passed through four key stages of technology maturity. We call them the four sights of connected accounting.

Improve your productivity, profitability and unlock new advisory revenue with the help of our expert speakers. Get to know our technology, and our technology partners in our marketplace track. Find out what they do, what they bring to Silverfin, and the benefits they bring to your technology plan.



Making sure you have all the data you need at your fingertips is easy to say, but hard to do. Accounting professionals must have real-time access to all client financial data from multiple sources if they are to work effectively and improve efficiency and accuracy. Ask yourself: Has all your data been centralised in one place? Is it standardised across your portfolio? Take the first step to becoming a connected accountant by achieving fullsight.



For fast, easy, and accurate compliance and reporting, automation is key to success and improved productivity and profitability. Answer this: Do you have all your reporting and working papers automated and using real-time data? It’s time to streamline your compliance and reporting work and free up valuable accountant time to focus on clients and advisory services.



To maintain clients’ loyalty long into the future, accountants need to do more today than compliance and reporting. Clients need their accountants to reach beyond the historical numbers to give them insight and powerful advice. In connected accounting benchmarking, financial modelling and strategic planning are key. Be honest: Right now, can you easily look across your client portfolio and create a benchmark for performance or unearth useful insight? Achieving this level of insight is the first step in delivering advisory services.



Have all the data and tools you need to spot trends, identify issues and opportunities and predict the future. Think: Can your accounting systems track data and prompt you to proactively advise clients? Get foresight and you can advise and plan in time to make a major difference to your clients’ performance. Unlock new advisory services revenue today.


Marketplace Partners

Get to know our partners and their solutions. How can they help optimise your firm? See the power of their tools when combined with Silverfin.

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