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What is Fast Forward Studio 2020?

Previous attendees tell us that Fast Forward has become a ‘must-attend’ event, bringing financial professionals together to explore the future of accounting and the role of technology.

We call this connected accounting. Our Fast Forward event and resources have been carefully selected to give you practical advice and actionable ideas you can use today. You’ll get help that will strengthen your compliance and financial reporting work and accelerate the development of your advisory services. You’ll also hear about the role technology can play in your strategy.

Fast Forward is open to accountants, auditors, tax consultants and other financial professionals as well as existing or potential partners of Silverfin only.


FastForward Studio Live

A fast-paced 2.5 hour live show recorded in September 2020 and hosted by leading Belgian TV presenter and business journalist Wim de Vilder, exploring the future of accounting, business and technology.



Data is the foundation of success in connected accounting. Learn how to consolidate and standardise client data to improve productivity, accuracy and profitability.



Discover how to streamline your compliance and reporting processes through automation and workflow standardisation.



Use real-time and historical client data to make it easy to unearth powerful business insight. Use benchmarking and data analytics to unlock new opportunities for advisory.



Unlock new advisory revenue with services that use data analytics and reporting to support client planning and enable you to predict the future.



Get to know our technology partners and their solutions. How can they help optimize your firm? What is the power of their tool in cooperation with Silverfin?

Quote from Joris Van Der Gucht
“Forward-thinking firms are building their cloud accounting strategy on Silverfin. These are the connected accountants and they are rewriting the rules.”

Joris Van Der Gucht, Silverfin

Quote from Brian Murphy
"Technology is key to the continued adaptability, efficiency and relevance of the audit process."

Brian Murphy, Deloitte


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