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 Final thoughts and Q&A

Ready to Fast Forward your career and firm?

This year our expert speakers joined us for some fascinating discussion about how to accelerate business and digital transformation in accounting firms.

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What is Fast Forward?

Everything you need for success in connected accounting in one place.

Fast Forward is designed to inspire you as well as give practical advice and actionable ideas you can use today to advance your firm.

You’ll learn from other accountants how to strengthen your compliance work and accelerate the development of your advisory services.

You’ll also hear about the role technology can play in your strategy.

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Every year we look forward to our Fast Forward event. It’s a great time to hear from, and meet, leading accountants, customers and partners from around the world. Always an inspiring event, Fast Forward is an online show streamed direct from our TV studio.

As in previous years, we built the same practical and inspiring agenda of speakers. As you’d expect, we do talk about the critical role technology can play in your plans but that’s not all – there’s something for everyone whatever their role in an accountancy firm.

We hope you enjoy Fast Forward.

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Fast Forward Studio

Fast Forward Studio is a fast-paced 3-hour show that took place online on Thursday 7th October 2021. Expert speakers talked about the future of accounting and the role of technology. The recording is available now.

Don’t miss the show: Fast Forward Studio

Over the last five years, Silverfin’s Fast Forward attendees tell us it has become a ‘must-attend’ event, bringing accountants, auditors and tax consultants together to learn more about how to take advantage of connected accounting. We broadcast the event worldwide online in English, French and Dutch from the Fast Forward Studio. Register today and watch the recording.

Featured speakers

We had a great line-up of experts on accounting, technology and business transformation joining us for Fast Forward Studio.

Joris Van Der Gucht

Joris started his professional life as an accountant but he was frustrated with how he had to work and the tools he had to use. Plus he saw that more and more clients needed advice but the accountant’s main focus was on number crunching. So when he met Tim Vandecasteele, a technologist, he realised there was a way to change the profession. Together they founded Silverfin. The company is now the leading cloud platform for accountants. It connects with leading bookkeeping and financial systems to bring all the data an accountant needs together, automates common work and gives them the tools they need to be effective and trusted advisors to their clients.

OCT 7 | 15:00 - 15:45 (CEST)
Ensuring your future success
OCT 7 | 17:50 - 18:05 (CEST)
Final thoughts and Q&A from our founders
Alastair Barlow

Alastair is founder and Chief Dreamer at flinder. As well as his work with fast-growth businesses and transforming finance functions, he writes for AccountingWeb in a monthly column, sits on various boards including the ACCA UK Practitioner’s Panel Network, ACCA Technology Global Forum, Digital Accountancy Advisory Board, AWEB Live Advisory Board and key advisor to the Early Adopters Hub. He was shortlisted as Business Person of the Year 2019 and has been recognised for his work driving the profession to a better place and acting as a catalyst for change by winning ACCA UK Advocate of the Year 2019. Alastair is a thought-leader in the accounting profession and speaks regularly on podcasts, at events and is interviewed for accounting and SME publications.

OCT 7 | 16:25 - 17:15 (CEST)
Quick fire expert views: the new way of working
Natalie Lamb

Natalie Lamb has recently joined Silverfin as CCO. Born and bred in South Africa, she attended the University of Cape Town where she completed an undergraduate degree in Politics and Industrial Psychology and then a post-graduate marketing management degree. She has spent 20 years in the IT sector, ten in B2B SaaS, in various international general management, sales and revenue, pre-sales and services roles across EMEA and APJ. She’s worked with start-ups, and medium and large-scale enterprises across financial services, telco, travel and tourism, retail and government. At Silverfin she’s responsible for the customer lifecycle; sales, client success, partnerships and marketing.

OCT 7 | 16:25 - 17:15 (CEST)
Quick fire expert views: the new way of working
Richard Smid

With a professional background in M&A advisory and corporate M&A, Richard likes to work on strategy development, value propositions, buy-and-build strategies and change processes. In his current role as CEO of 216 Accountants, he has a clear strategic focus on data standardisation, workflow automation and business model transformation.

OCT 7 | 15:50 - 16:20 (CEST)
The changing role of the accountant and are we ready
Brian Staalkjaer
PwC Denmark

Chief Operating Officer & Equity Partner at PwC Denmark. Leading PwC Denmark’s digital transformation journey as Digital Committee Chair. CFO responsibility for Digital Business Transformation & IT, Business Finance (Accounting, Business Controlling, Tax, Treasury and Finance ERP), Facility Management and Procurement. In addition head of PwC One Business Center providing outsourcing services to small and mid-size companies in Denmark.

OCT 7 | 15:50 - 16:20 (CEST)
The changing role of the accountant and are we ready
Matthew Sutton
Burgess Hodgson

Matthew is a business consultant to entrepreneurs throughout the UK. His portfolio varies from sole trades and small rental portfolios, to large businesses across a wide range of industries and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

OCT 7 | 15:50 - 16:20 (CEST)
The changing role of the accountant and are we ready
Tim Vandecasteele
OCT 7 | 15:00 - 15:45 (CEST)
Ensuring your future success
OCT 7 | 17:50 - 18:05 (CEST)
Final thoughts and Q&A from our founders
Koen Dewettinck

An expert in HR management, Koen Dewettinck’s research focuses on the drivers of employee engagement and performance. Over the past two decades he has published numerous articles and books – and is a frequent speaker on HRM, performance management and people management, at events across the globe. Koen has worked with hundreds of managers and helped them to become more effective at managing people. And he has used his rich experiences to develop the Performance Amplifier toolkit.

OCT 7 | 16:25 - 17:15 (CEST)
Quick fire expert views: the new way of working
Niina Roukala
Deloitte Finland

As a Tax Compliance Lead at Deloitte Finland, Niina has extensive experience in advising international and domestic clients in various corporate tax, accounting and compliance matters. In particular, she focuses on compliance, audit of tax, tax accounting, tax technologies and process development. She's passionate about accounting and tax, the more complex the better. Transformational or development-oriented projects gets her eyes sparkle.

Ken Bastiaensen
An Maes

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